Mye Architects

About the Project

The faces to many of their buildings stand quite prominently in their respective communities, so we wanted to follow suite with our home page design. This led to the idea of using a video background rather than just a static image. The idea behind the video was to show exactly what their company does – build. To accomplish this, we created a video illustration of a building being constructed from the ground up. This works as a noticeable call to action that explains exactly what Mye does, without relying on words.
We did not totally disregard static imagery, however. We found a way to use it to our advantage. We incorporated large, beautiful images of each of their properties throughout the site. We took the imagery a step further on the portfolio pages. We wanted to tell a story, so we tried to show the entire Mye process from start to finish by including sketches and blueprints in addition to full shots of the completed buildings.
The design was not the only aspect of this project that we had to innovate . We used a different content management system than we usually do, opting to build this website in Expression Engine.
Working with Mye Architects was an excellent experience. It allowed two different types of design agencies to come together to create a totally unique website experience. Our hope was to create something that would stand out in the online community as much as their work stands out in the real world, and we feel that we definitely succeeded in this challenge.

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